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Some further interesting linguistic patterns in the questions emerge upon further scrutiny. This year, six questions used the stem ‘ according the text…’. In the case of five of these, they were retrieval (2b) questions, whilst the remaining question asked pupils to make comparisons within the text (2h). This is a particularly useful prompt to explore with pupils. On the one hand it is a signpost telling them to retrieve information from the text (even in the case of the 2h question they needed to find relevant information to make their comparisons), and on the other hand it is a reminder to refer to the text and not what they think they know based on their prior knowledge of the topic. However, we do have three years of this style of tests that are certainly presented in a similar style; have broadly the same proportion of content domain questions and mark schemes that have been diligently worked on to be clear and concise.

life is but the will to power, said the wizard to the board game, and to the boy, and to the boy's cousin, this wizard who was both school physician and Death Incarnate. life is but the power to force my will onto chaos, to create my own rules, to understand the universe's secrets so that they are but tools in my hand. I will make it happen! it's all so exciting to control fate, said the wizard. I shall exercise my mind and so enlarge my dominion, all shall be my puppets, the world itself my stage if I will it, wouldn't that be fun? will continue the new 2016 KS2 SATs tests in English and Maths with some schools being chosen to sit Science tests. I will not give it to you!” I shouted while running away with the box in my hand.I looked over my shoulder to find out she’s gotten stopped by all the people walking by.I found the perfect stop place a corner next to a house,I breathed heavily as I was moving my head side to side trying to find a place to hide.I stood rooted to the spot. What was so important that Em Sharp wanted so badly about this mysterious box? She stared at me with frustration and didn't blink. I had never seen her so worked up and angry before. She also looked a bit scared, I could see it in her eyes. Then I said "Why is it that you want this box so badly?!" The last item in the collection, question 40, was the second 3-mark question. This was presented again with a clear structure perhaps allowing those less confident readers to attempt a response, but it definitely demanded a greater depth understanding of the text. If we put this into perspective, it is the last item in the test and is there to challenge those very able readers. That is exactly what it did.

I ran to the door and shut it I still had the precious box in my hand. I hid it in the old rotten stables under the hay full of old smelly horse poo I knew she wouldn't be able to find it but soon enough she did. I heard the sound of the broken door burst wide open from the top floor. She ran down the stairs and managed to find me in the rusty wheelbarrow next to the pile of broken things. You only needed to see them training this week. They were boiling and angry. That is what gives us a chance." I managed to persuade Em Sharp to let me keep the box to look at it. She wasn’t keen but said I could look at it but to be careful. I am not sure why she said that. Then suddenly I found myself standing in a hot savanna and all that I heard was Em Sharps voice saying "Find water, find water, you need to find water NOW!" We began to play and talk about the good old times with her father, we laughed all night and there was a few sad moments but I think I can safely say we had a lovely evening.A Key Stage 2 Science sampling test was not created in 2013 as it was decided a new biennial pupil-level sampling system would be introduced in 2014. Approximately 9500 children will be randomly selected (based on 5 children from 1900 schools). C hildren will sit the test within a two week window from Monday 2nd June 2014 and it will consist of three separate papers, each taking no longer than 25 minutes to complete. No individual school or child will be subsequently identified. Please don't die Edward, I can't loose you, and your mother!" It was my dad's voice. I opened my eyes. "D-dad? Is this heaven? Am I dead?" My dad looked so relieved, and gave me such a tight hug. I stood rooted to the spot. What was so special about the box that Em Sharp wanted it so badly? She stared at me, unblinking and vicious. I had never seen Em so angry. But she also looked scared. I could see it in her eyes. My instinct was telling me to give it her but I was too curious to see what was in it. That leaves us to examine the second extract – the poem ‘ Grannie’. A closer look at the content domains tested in this extract (9/17 marks inference based) shows that this narrative poem was tested in a similar style to a straight-forward fiction text. This in itself raises implications for teachers of all year groups – how much narrative poetry is read by and explored/discussed in Key Stage 2?

Vocabulary questions are included in every unit, with many of these focusing on phrases as well as the meaning of single words. As this question was included in the first tier, more able readers may have coped with the demand of it. This question is testing content domain 2h – make comparisons within the text, and was the only item on the paper that tested this. As this content domain is rarely tested, it adds another level of difficulty for less confident readers.Edward, I think it's finally time I told you this... I'm dead. I was murdered 100 years ago by what is in that box." she stammered. My face had gone pale and I had started to feel dizzy. So what was the make-up of the 2018 KS2 reading test? Did it mirror some of the trends that we have identified over the last few years since the new suite of tests were presented to us? Here is a break-down of how the content domains were tested across the three extracts:

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