An independent subscription newsletter for industrial automation and process control system users, installers and suppliers world-wide, giving a monthly update on the continuing evolution, development and convergence of automation technologies.

About Industrial Automation Insider

The Industrial Automation INSIDER has been published since 1997 when it was originally launched by Andrew Bond as the SCADA Insider. In August 2010, Nick Denbow took over the mantle and the responsibility.

Over the years the INSIDER grew as an authoritative source for analysis and commentary on the industry developments. Changing to a digital format and even adding pictures did not change the wit behind the articles nor the will to say what was not addressed in other publications. Often it has been this commentary that has provided the real information for readers.

Walt Boyes has been editing the INSIDER since February 2014 when the INSIDER was acquired by Spitzer and Boyes, LLC. Walt promises to expand coverage and continue providing independent reporting, analysis and opinion in this subscription only publication without the influence of advertisers.


I read the INSIDER all the way through. It’s a great publication and should be a must read for anyone in the field. It opened my eyes to things I haven’t been thinking about.

Larry Evans, Founder of AspenTech

Spitzer and Boyes LLC has acquired the Industrial Automation and Process Control INSIDER

David W Spitzer, Principal of Spitzer and Boyes LLC, of Illinois

Challenging traditional and proven practices is difficult. Accepting and implementing change is difficult.

Sandy Vassar, Instrumentation and Electrical Manager at ExxonMobil

We believe that flow imaging systems will become a fundamential part of new multiphase flow measurement standards.

Dr. Andy Hunt, Managing Dirctor of Atout Process

We expect to reduce commissioning time and loop testing for Foundation Fieldbus devices by 10,000 to 20,000 man-hours for mid-size to large projects with this new functionality.

Rong Gul, Automation Engineer and Subject Matter Expert on Smart Insturmentation at Shell Global Solutions