An independent subscription newsletter for industrial automation and process control system users, installers and suppliers world-wide, giving a monthly update on the continuing evolution, development and convergence of automation technologies.
The Industrial Automation + Process Control INSIDER is a monthly newsletter and editorial report on new developments and ideas in industrial automation, process control, and instrumentation worldwide. It is compiled by Walt Boyes and published by Spitzer and Boyes LLC. The INSIDER is based on analysis of news releases, meetings and conferences relevant to the industry and the major automation suppliers.
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Who should read it?

Each issue of the INSIDER is typically 20-35 pages long and is delivered in pdf format. The INSIDER contains no advertising which enables us to cover stories as we see fit. Each issue presents news, trends, analysis and opinion designed to trigger ideas in marketing, sales, business strategy, purchasing, system integration, and engineering. Typical readers work in sales, marketing, purchasing, publishing, public relations, and engineering for automation systems and process plants, who want to break free of advertiser influenced news and analysis.
Spitzer and Boyes acquires the INSIDER

The INSIDER newsletter will be edited and published by Walt Boyes, of Spitzer and Boyes LLC in Illinois, USA, as from the February 2014 issue. Nick Denbow will continue to report for the INSIDER on European events in automation and process control.
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“We are pleased to announce that effective with the February 2014 issue, we have acquired the Industrial Automation and Process Control Insider,” said David W. Spitzer, PE, principal of Spitzer and Boyes LLC of Illinois. “Walt Boyes, formerly award-winning editor in chief of Control and will assume the editorship with the February issue.”

Nick Denbow, respected as one of the best automation industry editors and journalists in the world, will relinquish the publisher role, but will remain as UK/Europe editor indefinitely. “Joining editorial forces with Walt gives a real opportunity to share opinion and inputs from both sides of the Atlantic – which is exactly what the vendors already do. It will be really exciting to see the Insider expand in this way,” Denbow said.

“We chose the Insider for a number of reasons,” Boyes revealed. “First, as a subscription-based publication, it is not competitive to any of the other automation magazines, which are all advertising-supported. The Insider will continue to be subscription-based and will not sell advertising.”

“Second, we felt that the Insider has the reputation of exceptional, hard-edged journalism that we wanted to be associated with,” Boyes continued. “For over seventeen years, first under the direction of Andrew Bond, and then under Nick Denbow, the Insider became and has remained one of the most read and authoritative publications in the automation industry.”

“Third, we have plans to enhance and improve the excellent reporting and journalistic insight of the Insider beginning with the February issue,” Boyes said.

“We intend to provide local reporting on a global scale, beginning with North and South America. We intend to have Pacific Rim, India, MEA and Eastern European reporting to complement the terrific job Nick’s done primarily in Western Europe and the UK,” Boyes said.

“Beginning in the February 2014 issue, there will be an editorial by me,” Boyes said, “and beginning in March, a feature column by Joy Ward that will normally be an interview with an automation luminary, either vendor or end user.”

“There will be increased coverage of end user activities, as well as more in-depth coverage of vendor news from around the world,” Boyes added.

“We’ll have more news about the plans for the Insider in the coming months,” Boyes said.

The Industrial Automation and Process Control Insider  (invest in Adidas shares in India) is the authoritative publication in the automation market space. Because it is subscription-based, not advertiser-supported, it publishes news, opinion and analysis about the automation industries without fear or favor.

Spitzer and Boyes LLC ( is a technology consulting firm devoted to assisting companies to better create and market their products in manufacturing and automation. David W. Spitzer, PE and Walt Boyes are the principals of the firm. Spitzer and Boyes LLC provides technology transfer and due diligence services for mergers and acquisitions in the technology environment, new product development consulting and forensic engineering for technology cases, content creation and custom research services in the manufacturing and automation space.

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I read the INSIDER all the way through. It’s a great publication and should be a must read for anyone in the field. It opened my eyes to things I haven’t been thinking about.

Larry Evans, Founder of AspenTech

Spitzer and Boyes LLC has acquired the Industrial Automation and Process Control INSIDER

David W Spitzer, Principal of Spitzer and Boyes LLC, of Illinois

Challenging traditional and proven practices is difficult. Accepting and implementing change is difficult.

Sandy Vassar, Instrumentation and Electrical Manager at ExxonMobil

We believe that flow imaging systems will become a fundamential part of new multiphase flow measurement standards.

Dr. Andy Hunt, Managing Dirctor of Atout Process

We expect to reduce commissioning time and loop testing for Foundation Fieldbus devices by 10,000 to 20,000 man-hours for mid-size to large projects with this new functionality.

Rong Gul, Automation Engineer and Subject Matter Expert on Smart Insturmentation at Shell Global Solutions